I'm happy to announce that I have partnered with an amazing publisher to create my first photography book, Growing Up Travelling. I'm planning a beautiful black and white coffee table book. This book is based off the beauty I emerged myself in with my travels to Ireland, specifically the Irish Traveller children. I'm quite excited and proud of what's to come, this is a project I have been passionate about for many years now and cannot wait for you guys to be able to take it home with you. It is currently in the final design process at the publishing house in Europe. The book will retail for $45.00 USD plus shipping.

NOTE: There have been delays with shipping due to COVID-19. The next book shipment will be on July 1st.   

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To order fine art prints from the book go to: https://www.duncanmillergallery.com/gallery-jamie-johnson

As a mother, artist, and observer of familial connections around the globe, Jamie Johnson makes work that speaks to family, culture, and time passing, but also leaves room for humor and pathos. Jamie has a legacy of photographing children and families, close to home or in places remote and unfamiliar. Her innate ability to understand and appreciate the human condition, allows her to engage with her subjects in an authentic way. Jamie's years-long investigation of Irish Travelers reveals her deep connection to and interest in her the lives of children.
-Aline Smithson

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Jamie Johnson’s work is kindness. Because how can you enter a community without first having forged close ties and established a relationship based on mutual respect with the members who make it up? Jamie does this easily with her discretion and her smile and sweetness. Fully sharing the daily life of her subjects, she captures the essence and photographically reproduces this shared intimacy which can be seen in the confident eyes of her models.
-Alain Laboile